Monday, December 12, 2011

The Question

It's December. Already. Year 2011 is coming to an end. Inevitably the Question arises: What have I accomplished this year?
To be honest, nothing much.
Have I become a better person? Maybe that's for the others to judge. But what do I care about what others think of me anyway?
What have I contributed to this world? Uh, carbon dioxide? My mere existence in this world brings it its end.
How are the new year resolutions? Huh, new year resolution what?
Well, anymore questions are just gonna get even more negative answers I guess. Really, I can't believe another year is gone. Felt like I drifted through my life along the current, without anything significant to mark the year. And what really is it that makes a life, a life? Things that, at the end of our lives, make us think that, I've led a good life, and this particular period of my life was the best ever? The fun? The self actualization? The love? The laughter? The people we've met? The dream? The accomplishments? The material possessions?

Go get a life and stop lamenting over here you silly!
But, but, what is A Life? Argh, when can I realize what matters most to me? Something that can arouse my passion, something that is my sole purpose of being alive. Anything to change what is of me now, an apathetic walking piece of machine.
Get your butt up and start searching, moron!
I know, all right! It's in the middle of the night right now! I'm not getting my butt anywhere.
Well, go to sleep! Don't complain that you're tired the next day! And really, how long has it been since the last time you exercised, lazy bug?
I was busy, okay?! And stop being mean! Who are you anyway?
Just a voice in your mind, psycho. 

Eh, yea, I have no idea why this post turns out the way it is. Must be the devil talking. But really, I can't define my year!!
Does it matter?
Yes it does!
Oh come on!
No you shut up!


  1. i like this post~!!! hahahaha

  2. Thanks. =) There was really this voice inside my head telling me off though. Hmm...

  3. Like the way you interact with the 'inner' you. I kinda have that sometimes as well. Lol.