Monday, December 12, 2011

The Question

It's December. Already. Year 2011 is coming to an end. Inevitably the Question arises: What have I accomplished this year?
To be honest, nothing much.
Have I become a better person? Maybe that's for the others to judge. But what do I care about what others think of me anyway?
What have I contributed to this world? Uh, carbon dioxide? My mere existence in this world brings it its end.
How are the new year resolutions? Huh, new year resolution what?
Well, anymore questions are just gonna get even more negative answers I guess. Really, I can't believe another year is gone. Felt like I drifted through my life along the current, without anything significant to mark the year. And what really is it that makes a life, a life? Things that, at the end of our lives, make us think that, I've led a good life, and this particular period of my life was the best ever? The fun? The self actualization? The love? The laughter? The people we've met? The dream? The accomplishments? The material possessions?

Go get a life and stop lamenting over here you silly!
But, but, what is A Life? Argh, when can I realize what matters most to me? Something that can arouse my passion, something that is my sole purpose of being alive. Anything to change what is of me now, an apathetic walking piece of machine.
Get your butt up and start searching, moron!
I know, all right! It's in the middle of the night right now! I'm not getting my butt anywhere.
Well, go to sleep! Don't complain that you're tired the next day! And really, how long has it been since the last time you exercised, lazy bug?
I was busy, okay?! And stop being mean! Who are you anyway?
Just a voice in your mind, psycho. 

Eh, yea, I have no idea why this post turns out the way it is. Must be the devil talking. But really, I can't define my year!!
Does it matter?
Yes it does!
Oh come on!
No you shut up!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Redang Trip In A Nutshell ( Well, sorta )

It's been a week and a day since I got back from Redang, and I still feel like I'm merely existing. I've left my life back in Redang. Ah, the life of sunshine, laughter, and underwater world.

It was a great vacation. I was there with Rosanne, Hui and Jun to get our PADI Open Water Diving licenses. I hadn't been on a vacation for years I guess, so you can imagine the excitement built up towards this Redang trip. Thank god it's everything and more than I could ever ask for.

Redang was breathtakingly beautiful. It's the crystal clear water, the soft white beach, the random boats, the less-than-azure-but-nonetheless-stunning-endless sky, the wooden jetty, the  swaying branches, the off-peak serenity, the starry night, the mirrored full moon in the sea, the silhouettes of distant islands, the hyper squirrels, the amazing marine world, the growing bubbles, the laughter on everyone's face, and every other little thing. They got into me, and they possessed me.

Diving was different from what I've imagined. How different you may ask, but I cannot answer, for I did not imagine much to begin with. It was just a blurry idea of a person in the water with a tank of air supply. No big deal. Rosanne asked me to join her, and I said yes without thinking twice. Well, it definitely takes more than just a tank to dive. There were skills and knowledge that we had to learn. The beginning of it was a bit perilous (okay fine I'm exaggerating) but it was all worth it. Now I'm in love with diving and the sea.

Not gonna write much. I've already written 11 pages in my A4-sized personal journal. Go to Redang and feel it for yourself. =)

Been coughing and sniffing for the past few days. Guess I'm missing Redang too hard.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BookFest! Woohoo!!

The crowd was unimaginable I tell you. It's like Cheras Taman Connought Night Market, only it wasn't Taman Connought, it wasn't at night, and it wasn't a market. Uh, yea, I suppose that was pretty clear? It was the BookFest in KL Convention Centre.

The photo above isn't really translating the magnitude of the crowd. (Magnitude?) See if I were to take in the crowd as it was, which obviously I couldn't, but to best capture it, I would have to hold my camera phone high above the crowd - which is not something that I will ever do. It draws too much attention. And this was outside the exhibition halls, mind you. In there in the halls, it's Connought Scenario at it's worst. Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but it was really packed up. There were so many people queuing up to pay that I managed to finish off a Sudoku on my iPod while waiting in line. I was actually a bit touched to be able to fight alongside my fellow comrade of bookaholics on our way to nirvana. Ah, bliss of life. They had quite some great bargain books over there. For those who have not been there yet, you should go. For those who haven't been there and won't be able to or read this post after 4th September, well, too bad. XD

And the crowd wasn't just there at the convention centre. It was everywhere in the shopping complex too! You have no idea how much perils I had to endure to get to the top, where Kinokuniya was. I felt as if I was climbing Batu Caves, and every step brought me closer to my House of God. Didn't you other people have better places to go other than where I wanted to go? Worshiper goes first don't you know. Argh, the nerve of you people...

Anyway, all in all, it was a great day!!!